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Patootie Cakes are diaper cakes gently hand-crafted in a safe and clean environment, right here in West Los Angeles.

Creative and beautiful, a Patootie Cake blends diaper cake fun with elegant style and design you won’t find at the big chain stores. Thoughtfully decorated with only the highest quality ribbons and fabric flowers, Patootie Cake will always be a welcome gift for a mom-to-be, or the preferred centerpiece of any baby shower.

When the other moms ask you where you got your perfect diaper cake, be sure to tell them - PATOOTIE CAKES AT KIDSTOCK!

Patootie Cakes at kidsotck loog

Patootie Cakes are available at KIDSTOCK, a children’s gently used clothing store located at 10590 West Pico Blvd in West LA.
You can see PATOOTIE CAKES on display at KIDSTOCK, where we keep a small selection of our most popular designs available for an immediate purchase, however we have more sizes and styles availalble. Upon your request, it will be delivered to the store. Please click here to see them.


10590 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Business Hours: Mon-Sat, 10am to 5pm



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